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Liberation Day: (Nick Stone Book 5)Liberation Day (Nick Stone #5)
Andy McNab
Published May 12th 2011 by Corgi
(first published January 1st 2002) 
Format: Paperback
Pages: 512
Goodreads: If Nick Stone wasn't so desperate for his American citizenship, he probably wouldn't have agreed to do this one last job with the CIA. But Carrie is over there and he simply can't refuse the chance of a new life with the woman he loves.
The job seems simple enough - and he is certainly skilled enough. Infiltrate the hostile, violent republic of Algeria, kill a money-laundering businessman, and bring back his severed head.
Stone knows there are some questions you don't ask, but as events spin out of control he realizes there is vital information he hasn't been told. Lurking beneath the glamorous exterior of the south of France is a dirty drugs war - and Stone is thrown into the middle of it. And there he is faced with his toughest dilemma yet...
Its hard to believe I've finished book 5 already! I love the way the story feels like one continues sort not multiple different books they lead in to each other so well!
Nick is desperate to get his American citizenship to be with the woman he loves Carrie, desperate enough to do one last job! It was simple enough go to Algeria carry out an assassination and bring back his head. But Carrie's  dad isn't going to give him his American passport that easily and he finds himself on another job in France. Far from the beautiful cafes Nick is thrown in to the world of drugs,  on a mission to stop money been moved out the country, him and his team most track down the sources and bring them in for questioning, but when one of his team is captured the mission takes a dramatic turn! Will Nick and his team get out of this alive?
Like every other book this has been action packed! What i liked a lot about this book was it was still fast paces but it wasn't the case that Nick just got beat up constantly, a lot of the book was spent plotting and planning and although i didn't like that in another book i enjoyed it in this one because Nick and his friends were constantly moving and spying and it was exciting! I enjoyed the story and like the other books it was well written and captivating!
You will be happy to no that in this book i got a feeling that Nick's life was getting back on track! I think he realises that he doesn't need to get away from the firm, that is what he is good at and this job has given him something to be proud of, he also realises that he doesn't need Carrie's dad. I hope that he sorts things out with her i want a happy ending!  I also liked that he has the closest thing he's going to have to friends!
If you haven't read an Andy McNab book then do it! Remote Control! read it now!!

Last Light: (Nick Stone Book 4)

Last Light (Nick Stone #4)
Andy McNab
Published May 12th 2011 by Corgi (first published October 1st 2001)
Format: Paperback
Pages: 512

Goodreads:  Nick Stone - deniable operator for British Intelligence - has been assigned to carry out an officially-sanctioned assassination. When he realizes who the target is, he refuses. But he is then given a chilling ultimatum: fly to Central America and finish the job, or the eleven-year-old orphan in his care will get killed.

Stone arrives in sweltering Panama close to breaking point. His life is in pieces, but things only get worse when he finds himself caught at the centre of a lethal conspiracy involving Columbian guerrillas. Hundreds of innocent lives are at stake.

Their only chance of rescue is Stone. But he has a critically injured friend to rescue, miles of dense rainforest to navigate and the toughest decision of his life to make..

I've loved every Andy McNab book I've read so far and this was no different!

When Nick aborts an assassination job he is faced with a ultimatum, finish the job or Kelly dies! Sent to Panama he drives in to the world of corruption and crime. Nick's life is crumbling as he considers what is best for Kelly and how he is going to sort out his money issues and get himself back on track! He even finds himself opening up for the first time. Just when he sees a light at the end of the tunnel he is thrown into a dark world of conspiracies that threatens the life of hundreds of people! In miles over his head will Nick manage to stop a disaster in the making?  or is the enemy more powerful than he thought?

I Liked this book, Like the others it was action packed and full of adrenaline moments and i couldn't believe it there was a hint of romance for Nick! I love the way Andy builds the story, you see an event happen, then the following consequences and it isn't to the last few chapters where you see the whole story come together!
I think there was also an added danger in this book because you knew Nick didn't want to do the job but if he didn't get this right Kelly's life was in danger! And to top it all off he has nowhere near the normal amount of resource he normally has and with injured people to help there are many obstacles for him to overcome.

By this stage you have got to no Nick well as a character, in this book you will feel sorry for him because you can see his life falling apart a bit. He is trying to sort himself out and get out the hostel he's been staying at and also sort Kelly's life out!

like every other book in the series amazing!!!!

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Night Demon (Night Series #2)
Blog Tour

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be hosting the Night Demon Blog tour today and do i have a treat for you!! An interview with Lisa!!!

Lisa's Interview

Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for answering some of my questions I am so excited to be part of the Night Demon blog tour.

I think my first question would have to be, what inspired you to be a writer? And who were your biggest inspirations? – My biggest inspirations are probably Anne Rice, Kelley Armstrong, Stephen King, Dean Koontz and the list goes on… J

 Where did you get the idea for the night series? I had a palm reader in New Orleans tell me I was going to be a famous writer someday, and although I’d written for fun for years, I’d never tried to write a book before. I knew I wanted to write some kind of vampire story, but I wanted to set it on the West Coast in my hometown of San Diego. I started researching the oldest civilization in the Americas, the Mayans, and my Night Walkers came to life!

 Which book in the series has been your favourite and why? Oh I don’t think I can pick a favourite! LOL That’s like choosing your favourite child…  But I can say that when I write each book, it becomes my favourite while I’m writing it. I think Night Demon definitely expands the Night Walker world and I love that aspect for sure…

 Who was your favourite character in the night series and why? Ha! How about I tell you my favourite part of each one? J  I love the way Calisto, from Night Walker, expresses himself with music. There’s something very sensual and loyal about him that I will always love. Kane, from Night Thief, makes me swoon!  He has so much swagger and while he’s charming, he’s also powerful and dangerous. Love that!  And Lukas, the hero from Night Demon, won me over with his smile. He’s so tortured in Night Walker and Night Demon, that when he finally stops pushing Gretchen away and starts to smile and laugh, it made my heart soar.

Which part of night walker, night thief and night demon was your favourite to write? Great question! My favourite scene in Night Walker is when Kate is playing the piano and Calisto comes in and sits with her at the bench. He looks in her eyes and plays Mozart for her. The connection they had through music felt like magic to me when I wrote it and it was also the moment that I knew Calisto loved Kate for who she was today, not just for who she had once been. 

My favourite scene in Night Thief comes right after the first love scene. Rita blurts out “You are most definitely a god” and Kane laughs and admits being with her is the first time he has felt like one in centuries… I could hear his laughter and love for her in my head.

My favourite scene in Night Demon is when Lukas is trying to get Gretchen from Cozumel back to the mainland to her Jeep. The only way to get there is for him to shift into his spirit animal and fly her across but Gretchen is terrified of heights.  He swears to her he will never let her fall. I fell in love with him from that scene on…  I also loved the ending of the book. No spoilers, but Lukas at the end of Night Demon made the whole book worth writing for me!

What is next for you? I’m finishing up edits on the first book in a new series for me! Moonlight (Book 1in the Moon Series) will be out in July… It’s a shifter series with the Pack in Reno and a mysterious government contractor with jaguar shifter assassins. The first book has a West Side Story feel to it… Can’t wait for you to read it!

In October the second Moon Series book will be out, Hunter’s Moon, and in December I have a standalone book, Beg Me To Slay…. Busy year ahead!

Thank you so much far answering my questions, happy writing =)

 Thanks for the blog spot Nic!!!  I’m so glad you’re enjoying the Night Series!
Night Demon (Night Series #2)

Deep within the Yucatan jungle a demon has awakened...

Gretchen Finch's job would be much easier if she weren't alone in the jungle with a brilliant recluse whose every glance sets her on fire. But the more she focuses on her work, the closer she gets to unlocking the mysteries of a terrible creature - the Night Demon - that threatens the world as she knows it. Though her scientific mind tells her it's impossible, she's beginning to believe the ancient Mayan tales as the sinister jungle comes alive around her.

Lukas Smith has spent hundreds of years searching for answers to his immortal Night Walker nature. As a series of ancient glyphs become clear, he's about to find out more than he'd ever hoped, but the more he learns, the more his fate intertwines with the Night Demon, and the harder it becomes to hide his immortal secret from the beautiful, intelligent Gretchen.

Together, they must find a way to stop the inexplicable violence and mass destruction surging across the earth before the Night Demon destroys more than just mankind.

Praise for the Night Series:

"Kessler's Night Series brings new life to the vampire genre. Move over vampires, the Night Walkers have come to town." - RhiReading Reviews

“The chemistry between the Night Walkers and the ladies who love them will leave you breathless and begging for more.” - Sabrina’s Paranormal Palace

"Lisa Kessler's Night Walkers are vampires and shifters cooked into one. You just can't get enough!" - Provocative Reads

"True paranormal romance for the soul, Lisa Kessler's Night Series will keep you coming back for more." - Readers for Life

"Breathtaking fairy tales with true love... And vampires." - Kristina's Books & More

Plus an amazing giveaway!!!

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Cover Release!!!!!

I love these cover i am so excited to finally see them!!!!

From Scratch ( Love Lines # 2.5)

Our lives are a cascade of events that pass faster than we would like them to. Time changes everything. Our habits, our views, our circle of friends. But there is one thing that remains the same over the years.
Our memories.
Through them we cherish the most unforgettable moments of our history. And they also retain some things that can't be forgotten….
But one day you realize that yesterday should be left in the past. Because tomorrow your new life begins, and you go back to the drawing board.
A love story of Evan Murray and Tara Mackenzie.
A story that should last forever….
But no one knows when forever ends….

 Official page: