Sunday, 28 October 2012

Night Thief (Night Series book # 0.5)
Lisa Kessler

Published: 28th of September 2012, Entangled Publishing 
Good Reads: After the fall of the Mayan civilization, Kane, an immortal Night Walker, has taken refuge in France for over 800 years. The modern world holds little interest for him until the night he meets the Golden Thief and is robbed of much more than his pocket watch.

Marguerite Rousseau is living a double life. By day she is the assistant to an eccentric French artist, Antoine Berjon, and by night she dons elegant evening gowns to woo French dignitaries before lifting their wallets. Sparks ignite when Kane captures the thief, but Marguerite harbors a dark secret that could ruin them both

Hey Everyone ! I've tried a slightly different layout so let me no what you think, old way or new? Just like Night walker when i read this book i wasn't disappointed! I had to read this book after reading Night walker and i loved every minute i was totally hooked i read it in one sit!

Marguerite walks the dining rooms  of France elevating Rich Men from the burden of carrying their heavy wallets.  she has great plans for the future and lets nothing stand in her way not even lack of money!  Her plans to run are falling in to place until she meets Kane a Rich Gentleman living in France . With both of them harbouring Lustful desire and earth shaking secrets will her plans to escape come true or will she end up being the one having something stolen from her?

Just like night walker i loved this book! I love the Characters and was completely sucked in to the story i found myself shouting at the book! The writing is once again amazing and the story line is equally amazing. I have to say 50 shades of grey eat you heart out, this book has some rather raunchy moments in and still manages to have an amazing and coherent story! It is one of the things i love about these books, the author captures the raw passion between the characters and contrasts that with forbidden love, a softer romance, action and danger! i seriously can not find a single fault with this book.

 I loved both the main characters in this book, Kane is just one of those amazingly swoon worth guys that every girl drools over! He is so macho and full of power and action but then on the other hand  is so soft and gentle with rita but you also see this raw passion, this then stand in contrast to the vulnerable side that you see when he is fearful for her life or is lonely and remembering his past! all in all you will just love him! Equally Rita is just so funny! she's hard,witty,confidant and really in control, but like Kane you see a vulnerable side when you find out what her life is really like, but you also see the loving and passionate side, the side that is willing to give up the sun to be with Kane. that is what i loved about these two characters, they both have secrets both can look after them self but feel whole together, its really cute.

I can not what for Night Demon to come out!!! I would highly recommend this book and definitely this series! 5*

Friday, 26 October 2012

Night walker (Night series Book #1)
Lisa Kessler

I just finished reading across the veil when i decided to read this book.  I had high hopes for the book after reading Lisa's other book but this book far exceeded my expectations!!

When calisto's true love  Tala is murdered by the very priest's he serves under he will give anything for another chance to love her again. He lives as a night Walker for centuries and finally there he is in the form of Kate! Calisto is over come with thought of them being together and finally being able to love the woman he loved so many years ago! but does fate have another plan for him? when the past comes back to haunt him will he be able to carve a new path for him and Kate or will history repeat itself?

I absolutely loved this book! it far exceed my expectations! i can not find one fault with this book i loved everything about it. The story-line was amazing there were tricks and turns and surprises! fights, action , romance everything! the writing style is excellent! i loved the characters i just got sucked in to the story and couldn't put the book down!

I loved Calisto! he was so sweet! He loved Tala and Kate so much and was even willing to live for centuries for the chance to love her again! he is the typical swoonworth guy! I love the contrast of emotions he feels for Kate he is over joyed that she is once again on the earth but at the same time filled with sorrow that because of loving him she is once again in danger! When i first started reading this book Calisto was just hell bent on getting Tala back and i felt sorry for Kate because he was seeing her as Tala and i can imagine its kind of like your partner loving you because you look like their ex and not you but by the end i think Tala was somewhat forgotten when he realized he loved Kate for Kate and more than that he loved Kate more as there had more in common. I loved Kate to she is such a strong female character and she made me laugh so much and am so glad there was a happy ending.
In contrast i hated Jose, he was evil! Quite possibly the most evil man i have ever read about! disgusting evil individual is all i can say about him.

I absolutely loved this book! it was amazing i loved everything about it! i would definitely recommend it!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Across the Veil
Lisa kessler

I started this book last night simply for the fact i was bored and i had just finished another book, i was flicking through my kindle trying to find something to read and came across this book. It was a nice short story so  i decided to read it... i am so glad i did!!

Princess Talia is from  Summerland a world of magic and fantasy, she left this perfect world and crossed   the veil in the human world. Talia has been hiding on earth for the past five years. why is she hiding you ask? she is betrothed to the evil  Faldo and in love with his brother keth! when Keth and Talia are found together by his brother he could declare braitheann si, this could lead to being cast out or worse! when keth breaks her heart to save her Talia crosses the veil to start a new life. now named Natalie Thurmont and the star of a hit TV show she thinks her old life is behind her but her past comes back to haunt her! 

I really enjoyed this book i didn't no what to expect when i started it but i love it! there was action romance magic! i loved that the two character i loved got to be together in the end! i have read so many books lately where a couple are in love but she is betrothed to his brother!
I would really recommend this book the story is amazing, you will love the characters and it has everything you could want in a book!
loved it! i want to bug the author to write more because i want to no what happens next!!!

Find Lisa Here!

Get this book!

Hare Moon (The forest of hands and teeth # 0.5)
Carrie Ryan

I wanted to read Hare Moon because i have just finished The forest of hands and Teeth, this was the second prequel i have read and i really enjoyed it.

The book follows Tabitha (the head of the sisterhood in The forest of hands and teeth) as a young adult with the same free spirit, same blind curiosity that Mary has! When she sneaks out of the gate to the village she has an unexpected surprise! There is a male in the forest telling stories of another village. when she is found and sent to live with the sisterhood she discovers all kinds of secrets and must decided, blind curiosity , freedom and love or the safety and survival of her village! Will she allow love to consume her or will she do anything to help her village? the decision is squarely on her shoulders.

I have to say i enjoyed this book, its only short and provides a good back story to why the sisterhood is the way it is and why they keep so many secrets from the village!
I think if you read this you get a much better understanding of why Tabitha, in The forest of hands and Teeth i hated her! After reading this book i feel sorry for her and see that she is trying to protect Mary from following the same path as she did!

If you like The forest of hands and Teeth i would recommend this book as a good back story i think it really helps to understand the story a bit better.
i really enjoyed it  another amazing zombie filled book by Carrie Ryan 3*

Sunday, 14 October 2012

I have just Pre-ordered Dearly Beloved by lia Habel *squeal and happy dance*

I actually can't wait i am so excited i have been waiting nearly a year for this book!! if it is as amazing as the first one i am going to be sooooo happy!!
Hey everyone is Sunday and i am just starting a new book! I've just finished the forest of hands and teeth by Carrie Ryan, today i am starting  Love and pain by Anne Kramer and Mike Hendricks
What is everyone else reading today? has anyone just finished a good book? what book are you starting now?

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Carrie Ryan
The forest of Hands & Teeth

Well i think it is safe to say that  am in love with zombie books! I got this this book for my birthday because it was recommended by a friend and am glad that i got it!!

Stuck in a small village fenced in and surrounded by the forest of hands and teeth Mary dreams of the world her mother tells her about, a world with an ocean! when her mother is infected by the unconsecrated ( the zombies) Mary loses everything. With both parents lost to the forest she is sent by brother Jed to live with the sisterhood the rulers of the town.when an outsider comes to the cathedral Mary starts to question the sisters and finds out secrets the rest of the village don't no.she questions whether there is a world outside the fence and whether the ocean is out there! When the fence is breached and Mary's village is under attack Mary has a chance to escape the village with her almost husband harry his brother Travis who Mary is in love with  her friend Cass, her brother and his wife and a small boy Jacob. In trying to survive life outside the village the group most fine a way to shelter food and resources but as we all know plans don't always go as planned! Will the group find shelter and food away from the unconsecrated? will Mary finally find the ocean and will it be all she expects?

I loved this book but at the same time i found it heartbreaking! I found the book a little slow to get in to at first it spends a lot of time setting up the seen and explaining the rules of the village. the book is rather dark and doesn't have many happy life is good moments it really makes you think and you feel really sorry for some of the characters. it is still an amazing book!! just if you like happy endings your not going to get one. if you like complicated romance, action and zombies this is the book for you!

At the beginning of the book i felt so sorry for Mary Harry who she doesn't love asks her to marry him, She loses her mother to the forest of hands and teeth and she is sent by her raged brother to go and live with the sisterhood! In the village survival is dependent on people having children hence marriage is based on commitment not love which is why Mary doesn't want to marry harry but his brother Travis! so when Travis is brought top the sisters and Mary sits and tells stories of the ocean to him i still feel sorry for her because Travis's future wife is also there! however when she leaves the village i stop feeling sorry for her she is an irritating little moan! as the village was invaded she gets out of her marriage to harry and gets stuck in a house alone with Travis which is what she's always wanted! and guess what she sits in the attic ignoring him! in short she would put her dream of seeing the ocean before love! i live on the see front and see the sea everyday so can imagine what it would be like not to no what it looks like but would i give love up to see it?... no! what is the point in seeing something wonderful if the people you love aren't there to see it with you?
Travis i loved he was the sweetest guy ever! there were  a lot of awww moments! but no happy ending i so badly wanted her and Travis to find the ocean at the end but am afraid not

The book does leave a lot unanswered Is her brother still alive? do the rest of the group survive? does she go back to help then? how many people are outside the fence? is there any survivors in her old village?
The book seems to end suddenly with no real conclusion, i think the book could have been longer because somethings aren't explain very well .
All the same i cant wait to read the rest of the series and i hope some of my questions will be answered!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Its Waiting Wednesday!!!
Hey guys! its waiting Wednesday and this week am eagerly awaiting
Opal ( lux book # 3)
Jennifer l. Armentrout

You can get your hand s on the next book in the lux series on the 11th of December!!! not long to wait now!! *squeal*
I've read shadows, obsidian and onyx so i can't wait to get my hands on this!!
Am also happy that thanks to kayleigh of we can now count it down with my new timers!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hey everyone!! its a lovely cosy Sunday night what is everyone reading???  I've barley has time to read this week so i picked up were i left off reading The forest of hands and teeth by Carrie  Ryan!

I am on page 181 of 308 and  aim to get to 208 of 308 by the end of tonight. I have to say so far that i am loving it!  I think it captures the two sides of love really well! it shows how love is a beautiful thing and marrying for any other reason is  pointless beyond survival!  it demonstrates how being in love can be the greatest thing on the earth, it can be a great gift. it can give you something to fight for, to die for, to cry for. to have someone to be there for you, to hug you,someone to witness and share your life and give you hope for the future. i think the story shows how we take love for granted some times and what a world where it is in short supply is like. i think it also demonstrates how love can be evil! i think the story shows how love can be fueled by jealousy and desire, can cause people to lie to the ones they love, can  make people step on people, hurt people  and do dramatic things for love. i like this contrast the fight for forbidden love and the lies and deceit fueled by love.
there is my little rant about love for the day! my opinion...... i sit on the fence! there will be romantics among you  (kayleigh) who believe that in this book and in life that the to perfect for each other characters should be together and there are the unromantic who believe that love is an evil thing if it causes characters to lie and deceive others even if in a round about way it is to protect them.
i would recommend this book if you love zombies, romance and action!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Waiting Wednesday!! and the book i cant wait to get my hands on this week is :

Dearly Beloved (book 2)
Lia Habel
Released on the 3rd of January 2013

What is everyone one else waiting to get their hands on!!