Sunday, 22 July 2012

Messages From Henry
Rebecca Scarberry

This was the first book that i have read by and indie author and i have to say i loved it.  it was different from any books I've been reading lately and it was a refreshing break.

when the world out side her window is deadly silent Tammy knows something is wrong.When a note from her neighbour arrives via a beautiful white pigeon Henry her fears are confirmed. Her friend  Evelyn has become the victim of a kidnapping and it appears the only way to find her is via notes from her beloved pigeon Henry who is following her every location. but with clues to her kidnapping dwindling and her only communication to the outside world Henry tiring will Tammy ever find her friend alive? 

I really enjoyed this book. Its not that long so it was a nice little read on a Sunday morning read.  within the first page i was drawn in you just knew something bad was coming!  i loved the use of a carrier pigeon as the hero of the day. this book had me gripped to my seat because at times you didn't know whether they were going to find Evelyn. when Henry started to tire or when he was kept captive i thought that could be it! i loved how you couldn't predict what was going to happen i was sure it was going to be her son!Generally this would have been a book i would have read but am so glad i did!!
I loved Henry and that says a lot because i have a phobia of birds! i just loved his little personality! i loved his passion to find his owner!

I really enjoyed this book! it has a lot of content for a short story and has a great story line! it was heart warm to see devotion of a beloved pet to its owner. i enjoyed reading it and would recommend reading it 

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey
E. L. James

well..... am actually come up blank on what to write about this book...

Ana is a English literature student who is preparing herself for graduation and the world of employment when she is volunteered by her friend to do an interview with the notorious Mr Grey, one of the rishest  and somewhat  handsome man around. She finds herself head over heels and impossibly affected by  Mr Grey. this new attraction is scary and unexpected and she finds herself following the mysterious Mr grey in to a  dark world she never thought was possible.will she continue to follow the mysterious (and somewhat over baring) Mr  Grey in to the dark or will she break this fatal attraction?

I have to say i wasn't very keen on this book. I was really excited to start this book to see what all the hype was all about. i have to say i was disappointed. i spent most of the time reading horrified! i found that the book had no real story line she meets him and apart from a hell of alot of sex that's about all that happened.  the only think that redeemed this this book was that she finally had the brain to leave him in the end! i thought the writing style was poor i found it really hard to visualize everything and get involved with the characters.

Ana is the most irritating character i have ever met! she is the dictionary definition of the female characters i said i hated the ones that moan and complain and act like damsels in distress! if i have to hear "my inner goddess" one more time..... people said that she was naive, i have to say i disagree i think she is just stupid! i am the same age as ana and if some dude give me a contract like that i don't care how much i like him he would have got a smack in the face and a middle finger!!
Christen was less irritating but still horrid! i don't see the appeal in him i really don't.. being sexually abused and stalked!!... yes that's every girls fantasy! some told me that christen would have me throwing myself at my fiance... well he didn't he made me want to claw my eyes out! what he does just made me feel sick. the only redeeming thing about him is that when hes not being a perv her generally seems to have feelings for ana. also as a psychology graduate i liked to try and play what i know to why he is the way he is.

I actually enjoyed the end of the book. you saw a different side of  christen and i actually started to get caught up in their relationship. i just loved to see the vulnerable non perv side of christen. i thought i was strange that he changed stuff for her so she could have "more" and she leaves him. i was also going finally you do have a brain! i am going to read the rest of the series simply for the glimpse of the sweeter christen at the end.. i really want to know who their relationship ends.

i didn't care much for this book but i will read the rest of the series. i wouldn't say don't buy this book it has a large fan base it just wasn't for me. i am hoping i like fifty shades darker more... the end of this book made me want to read it so fingers crossed. i would give this book 2 stars.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jennifer L. Armentrout (covenant # 2)

i seriously don't no how to start this! this book was just .... wow!  Daimen was amazing, Half-blood was even better but Pure was purely amazing...(pardon the pun)

Alex continues with her training  as she comes to terms with her new responsibility as the next Apollyon.  she must learn to deal with the fact she now has a second half and deal with the consequences their connection is having on her relationship with Aiden and pretty much every other person! when her future takes an uncertain    twist she must consider the idea that her connection to Seth may hold some benefits for her race which may mean losing Aiden! she has little time to contemplate this as a daimen invasion on the covenant  means Aiden, Seth and Alex must work together if they all hope to survive!

Aiden has to come first! what can i say about Aiden! i love him i seriously do he is my number one male character i didn't think anyone would beat daemon from Obsidan but he did!! I loved to see his vulnerable side when Alex was under threat or in danger. i actually felt so sorry for him at sometimes and i totally got swept away! there was some points where i really wanted to give him a slap for up setting me but he made it up in the end! i just wanted to hug him all the way through!!

i loved Alex even more in this book! she makes me laugh so much at how mouthy she can be! i think i love her so much because she reminded me of me. once again she kicked ass more than ever. i love the fact this book as a strong non-moaning  female! in some scenes in this book you get to see Alex at a more open emotional state when shes not kicking butt! i think there was many moments that people could really relate to showing that Alex is just as vulnerable has anyone. you also get to see a side of Alex where shes not in control and it does look that no one will be about to help her and you do get an OMG feeling that this may not just work out ok in the end! my heart was in my mouth for most of this book!

i know you see a "nice" side to Seth in Pure but i still don't like him! he actually  makes my stomach churn in a way it does when i don't trust someone! i really don't think he was Alex's interests at heart and i hate the way he wants to keep Aiden away from her. am still undecided whether he really loves her or not! sometimes he is so sweet and lovely and you just want to hug him and others i wanted to punch him in the face and drag Alex away from him! am just suspicious he has a lot to gain from Alex awakening!!!

like of of JLA's books i loved this one it was amazing! i just couldn't put it down! i would actually go as far as to say it is my favourite book series ever!! i think i am getting a little obsessed i got a little to excited that Aiden collected Guitar plexs too!
5 stars without a doubt!!!
buy it seriously!!!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jennifer L. Armentrout

really what can i say about this book! this review is literally just going to be me going omg omg omg! it was amazing! I actually neglected my own fiance to keep reading!

the story picks up where Daimen left off Alex is still greieveing after the loss of her mother and finds herself been hunted down by daimens! all knowledge she calls upon from her time with the covenant seems to be failing her and she finds herself with her back against the wall. when it looks hopeless Alex is saved by Aiden a pure and returned to the covenant! Alex is faced with the shocking reality that after three years away everything has changed and her uncle the dean of the covenant wants to send her to be a servant in her step fathers house. In a desperate attempt to change her future Alex must prove that she is worthy of staying at the covenant and become a sentinel. She begins train with Aiden , not only must she learn to fight but she must learn to fight her feelings about Aiden. As if this wasn't hard enough everything changes and Alex finds herself facing lie , truths and her darkest fears.will she survive her last year at the covenant to become a sentinel or does fate have something else in store?

I absolutely loved this book! i haven't read anything like this so the themes and story lines where really refreshing.  i literally not find one thing i didn't like... well maybe seth! i loved Alex i think she has to be one of my favourite characters ever! i get really irrtataed  by females in books who just complain all the time or have to go running to someone for help and generally just sulk! but Alex is completely different i think i love her so much because she reminds me of me. i love the no rubbish attitude and i was laughing all the way through the book at her witty comments! i generally just loved the fact she was a strong kick-ass girl!
i also loved Aiden ! i seriously don't think you could get a sweeter person i was seriously swoon all the way through the book and i still live in hope that Alex and Aiden will be together even though the breeding law prevents it! i actually can't wait to see how there relationship plays out, am not to comforted about how close seth is to Alex!

I loved how you could never predict was was going to happen next many books I've read you could see for miles what was coming but i found myself going "did that really just happen"!! even though i must admit there was tears at times i got so engrossed!

Again i am starting pure after I've finished writing this i just can't wait i have to no what happens next! i am actually so engrossed! i have totally fallen in love with the characters!  i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this book i would definitely  give it 5 stars!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Jennifer L. Armentrout

This is the second book by Jennifer that i have read and i must say once again i was not disappointed! i thought this was an amazing start to set the seen for half-blood and i can't wait to start half-blood i was totally hook and ended up reading the book in one sit!

Alex is a  descendant of the gods! her mother is a demi-god but her father is mortal leaving her a half-blood. Being a half-blood leaves Alex with only two choices one is to become a slave for the pure-blood and the other is to become a sentinel and protect pure bloods from the daimon  pure bloods who have turned evil! however these options are taken way from Alex when her mother takes her on the run running from her world and everything in it the gods, pure blood sand half-bloods. with no explanation to why she is on the run Alex feels she doesn't fit in with the mortals and must rely on her mother for support, guidance and reassurance. when daimons find her and her mother she finds herself alone and trying to get back to the world that may save her, with no knowledge of why her mother left could she be making the wrong choice?

I haven't read many prequels so i was surprised how much i enjoyed this one. it introduced the main characters in an action packed way! there was no boredom or slow moving story line i found myself draw in on every page and even crying when Alex's mam dies! it was so moving! i can't wait to continue the story! am starting half-blood now!!!
again i have no rating thingy but 4 stars! 

The Vampire Stalker
Allison Van Diepen

If i asked everyone to put their hands up if they had ever been in love with a character out of a novel i think everyone would have their hands up! Amy Hawthrone is no different. After spending hours outside a book store Amy finally gets her hands on the new otherworld book and the newest installment of the story of Alexander Banks a brooding handsome and totally gorgeous vampire hunter hunting the evil vigo.Amy spends the days after finishing the book in a Alexander fueled daydream fantasizing what it would be like to be on otherworld with Alexander and worrying that rumors of his death in the next book could come true. one night Amy steps straight in to a nightmare from the pages of her novels when she is attacked by an unusually strong and unusually fast attacker, luckily for Amy like every nightmare a night in shining armour came to her aid only is time he introduced himself as the one and only Alexander Banks! In an attempt to get rid of the nut Amy  goes along with his story, but if he is indeed Alexander Banks then she may have to accept that something more sinister is going on in Chicago!

I got this book as a present from my brother for Christmas to be honest i think he just saw the word vampire and bought it so i didn't really have high expectations for it. but i have to admit i did really enjoy this book! i found myself engrossed in the idea that a character could come out of a book and just had to keep reading Amy and Alexanders story! i love the way Alexander knows nothing of a technological Chicago i laughed so much at him trying on track suit pans and shoes and the sere pride that he learnt to text.  i love Alexander and not only because he is and awesome hunter and totally swoon worth but because he has that gentleman side its so cute! I also love Amy with some books i get really irritated when the lead females is weak  or stupid or a complete a martyr but Amy wasn't portrayed like that which i like.

I do think there was some bits of the book that were short and i would have liked to have seen that bit developed further. for example when Amy, Alexander and Katy  so to save Amy's sister they seem to just walk straight to her and have no moments when you think OMG! they're  not going to find her on time!
over all i really enjoyed this book good characters good story line and a nice little happy ending!
If i had a rating thingy i would give it 3 stars!