Saturday, 9 February 2013

Daimon (Demonica)
Published May 12th 2012 by Silver Publishing
Format: Kindle
Pages: 75

Goodreads: Daimon, a demon of charismatic sexuality, prefers to focus on his own carnal pleasures rather than concern himself with the wider world and the ever-present battle of light and dark. To that end, he lives in a large house with just a few remote neighboring properties. However, even he is unable to resist a call for help that reaches deep into his psyche. After rescuing a beautiful prisoner, Daimon becomes involved in reuniting lovers kept apart by a disapproving father. He finds himself attracted to the man who was keeping the young beauty as a prisoner. Unsure whether this is simply an over-anxious father or something darker, Daimon will need to not let his nature rule his head.

I found this book on my kindle i can barley remember buying it but i was in the mood for a short story so i thought i'd give it a try.

Daimon is a pleasure seeking Demon who seeks the finer things in life. One day his life changes forever when he senses something...lycans! On inspection of there house he finds a beautiful male cub whos been taken prisoner from his mate. but something else it in that house and it whispers in to his brain.... soul mate. Daimon helps the young lycan on an attempt to find his mate! but will daimon find his?

I have to say first off that i didn't like this book. Its no disrespect to the auther because other people may love it, it just wasnt for me! I found most of the book made me sick, the extremely graphic sex scenes  between male demon and a lycan was to much for my liking! most of his made me crindge and i wanted to be sick! i've read erotic Novels a few times with some fairly graphic sex scenes but this was something else!

part of me liked the caring nature of the demon to help the young lycan find his mate the other half hated him for been sex crazed and saving a young lycan hoping he would 'reward him' in the moring!
some of the characters are nice but it just wasnt my cup of tea!

I found the book rather boring and it just wasnt for me. Dont take my word for it as you may like it but it wasnt for me

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