Thursday, 3 December 2015

Day 3 of my marathon of Diana's book and today it is Love Undone! I was so excited to read this book when i first received it and going through them again has reminded me how great they are!

I was so excited when i received the book. I am always over the moon to get my hands on a new book by Diana as none of the books i have read previously have been a disappointment!  As always this book has be hooked from page 1 and i read it in one sit! It consists of all of the emotion ,drama ,heights and fights you expect from Diana and on top of all this a brilliant plot!


What would you do if all your memories were gone? One day Kassie wakes up and realizes that her life is nothing but an endless emptiness… One tragic incident takes away everything that she has ever cherished and loved: family, friends and all the best moments that she ever lived through. Now everything seems unknown, including a beautiful stranger, whose mere look makes her heart beat faster. Who is that reckless and mysterious man? Is he just an old friend or an enemy? Sinking into the vortex of indescribable emotions, they will give in to the most irresistible temptation ever, just to fall in love with each other, again and again

We all treasure our memories , special moments in our lives such as weddings, birthdays , First loves  we commit to memory so we can look back on them with the loved ones involved and relive  that special feeling. But what would you do if you woke up and all those memories where gone? That is the situation that Kassie finds herself in! She awakes from an accident with a strange but good looking stranger in her room and no memories of her life. With people around her she tries to put together her life but she keeps remembering small things about her stranger new friend. With her memories slowly coming back, her feelings grown for a mysterious stranger, her body warning her to stay away from him and secrets surrounding her brothers death coming to light will Kassie get her happy ending and figure out who she loves and what she wants or is she destined to live in a world of secrets ?

 I couldn't wait to start reading this book. It is different to anything else i have ready by Diana.  From the first page i was completely hooked I was immediately hooked on the story-line of someone having no memory and having to trust the people around her with no knowledge how who she is. I was attached to the characters from the very first page. After that the story only got better! there was the ups and downs of Kassie and Daniels Relationship, the arguments and the fights, then the love and passion of there love with stood in direct contrast to the feelings of loss and sorrow over the death of her brother. you are on a roller-coaster journey, you just have to strap yourself in an go along with the characters. I enjoyed every minute! The storyline is brilliant, the characters are fantastic an all round engrossing book!

I loved Kassie! Although she has lost her memory she is still a really strong and passionate character. I  love how she stands up for herself and doesn't let Daniel walk all over her, however you do see the more vulnerable side to her. At times i want to slap Daniel but i loved watching the tension between the two of them. All the way though the book i was worried there wasn't going to be a happy ending but i was please to finally get my happy ending!

I must stay Diana did not disappoint this book easily stood up to the high standard of her other books ! Amazing !! If you haven't already you must read it! reading this can not do the book justice! 


Keep reading tomorrow for The Souls of the Rain

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