Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Promise to love
Anne Kramer and Mike Hendricks

I was looking forward to reading a promise to love after i finished Love and pain.

The Story starts where it left off and follows Ming's life after she recovers from breast cancer. After establishing a relationship with the charming Nick who was there for her during her treatment. The story follows their relationship as they try to establish their home together and make it work from half way across America. Ming is happy at work and working on establishing her career as a doctor. But with tension between her and nick growing ,a shock twin brother and opportunities to go abroad will Ming get her happy ending? 

Just like the first book this one was equally as heart warming it shows that in some cases there is a life after breast cancer! Again i would love to have seen the book expanded but it is good as a short story. I think this book provided a lovley end to what happend to all the people in the story.

reading the two books together provided a heart warming story!

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