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Love Lines (Love lines #1) 
Diana Nixon

Published:  March 29th 2012 by createspace
Goodreads: Love lines series -The traces of supernatural powers have always been crossing the world of human beings. Many people know about the existence of healers, mind readers, oneiromancers and wizards. But for centuries their lives have been kept secret and no one has ever heard about one special place, where those gifted people studied.
Neither has Eileen Clark, whose life has never been different from the one other teenagers have.But one day everything changes. Eileen finds out that she belongs to the mysterious world of unnatural and the destiny leads her to Dever - a closed university for the people like her.Nothing will ever be the same again...New life, new friends, new enemies...But the true love will never let her down. It will help to go through everything....

#1 - Love lines The story begins with a strange dream, which has been torturing Eileen for nights. Trying to find out its hidden meaning she leans on her best friend Amanda for help. The two of them go to a fortune-teller, who predicts changes in Eileen's life. Eileen and Amanda, whose family is one of the seven founders of Dever, go there to start new life and get education. Coming to the university Eileen meets Christian, Amanda's brother, whom she falls in love with from the very first sight. But, as it turns out later, Christian is in love with her too. 
They couldn't even imagine that many years ago their lives were bound by magical spells. But now they have to find out why...

I didn't no what to expect when i first read this book. I have read many super-natural books so was hoping this book wouldn't just be a cookie cutter of one of them and i have to say i was pleasantly surprised it was for from what i expected and far exceed my expectations!

Eileen is a Normal 17 year old girl, who is haunted by a dream!  In an attempt to understand her dream she goes with her best friend Amanda to a fortune teller where she is told her life will change forever! and she is not wrong  that day Eileen is taken to Dever a university designed for gifted people... and not just any gift supernatural ones!  Not only is she taken to Dever but her best friends family are one of seven founding members! Her life is out of her control when she meets Christian Amanda's older brother, she feels and instant connection to him and by the look on his face he feels it to! But with evil plans against her  in play Eileen's life  is in danger, with Christian and her friends by her side they hunt for clues as to who is behind the plan and uncover some shocking truth and secrets that have been hidden for years! with lies and secrets and time running out will Eileen make it to her 18th birthday or will something more sinister happen!

I can not praise this book enough, i literally can not find fault! it was just amazing! from the first chapter i was hooked! The writing style is clear and good and the story line is amazing. When reading this book you are constantly on your toe! the story-line is so cleverly weaved together!just when you think you have it the rug is pulled from underneath you.  you get bits of the puzzle piece and every time you think you know what is happening   something unexpected happens, you never get that one bit of the puzzle that will make it all fall in to place until never the end! I sat for ages think " oh she did it " or "he is involved" the i was completely wrong and that is what i loved most! this book has the most complex plot and hats of to  Diana i have never seen a more will well thought out and carefully laid out plot! The way everything comes together you are just sitting go wow!
Not only is the plot amazing but it has action, magic and romance!

I loved all the main characters in this book! Eileen is just brilliant! she's strong, confident and determined and made ma laugh so much! I loved Christian because part of him is so loving towards Eileen but at the same time he is so bad ass and can create fire with the flick of a hand! Amanda is so funny and her relation ship with Evan is a recipe for hilarious disaster! I Literally loved all the Characters all the Fairey family are my favorites along side Evan an darcy!

I promise if you read this book you will not be disappointed! it is amazing! and the book ends on a cliff hanger! i cant wait for the next book i need to no what happens and what will happen to Eileen and Christian!

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  1. What an amazing review! Thank you, Nicola!