Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fifty Shades Darker
E. L. James

I didn't have high hopes for this book after reading Fifty Shades Of Grey but i have to say i found it better then the first one!

After a heart breaking split from Christen Ana finds herself once again in his presence and feeling that magnetic charge between then forming again.  Ana's life seems to be changing for the better when she starts her new job and christen confesses his love for her and decides to leave his old life in the dark behind for a future together. but will Ana's happiness last? with doubt about her abilities to satisfy christens needs heightened when an old sub comes in to the picture,  the interference from christens ex Dom  Mrs Robinson and christens life changing secret Ana is over whelmed with emotion and doubt about christens baggage. when charlie tango goes missing Ana  is devastated fortunately christen returns unharmed but was it really and accident or something more sinister? and although she has christen and a promise of a new life and home will there happiness last or will the darkness consume them both again?

I have to say i liked this book better than the 1st one. the writing style i still find poor. this book had a lot more storyline than the first one although there is still alot of sexual content it seems more dulled down and more relevant to fit the storyline. there is alot more excitement in this book the interference from Elena, christens mad ex sub returning and all the problems christen has with Ana's ex-boss and the crash of charlie tango! i  found that i got involved with the relationship more, i found myself smiling and awwwing at christen which was unexpected after his hard and careless demeanour in the first book.

Ana is still the most irritating character. am sorry to say the " my inner goddess" did not stop in the 2nd book and she moans and complains more than ever!
christen on the other hand i loved in this book! he was just so sweet and it was so unexpected. you really get to see the real christen in this book! you learn more about his horrid past and see his fears and doubts played out, you get to see hes sweet caring insecure side and after the first book it was refreshing.

I am going to read the 3rd book after reading this one! although i still don't see what all the hype was about the book was not as bad as i expected! i doubt i would read it again but am glad i give it a chance.
i would give this book 3*

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