Sunday, 12 August 2012

Lust , Money & Murder ( # Book 1)

First i want to thank Mike for The book.

Patrick Brogan's life changed forever the day his Daughter was born. as a construction worker in poverty he was determined to give his daughter everything. In an attempt to excel his daughters career  Patrick does some less than legal dealings to pay for daughter Elaine to go to Bromley Academy an excellent school for girl. over come by jealousy for the love patrick has for his daughter Elaine's mother moves leaving her father to rise her alone. When a chance to become a model comes up Elaine is desperate to walk the cat work and become a famous model on the front of the papers and father patrick is all to happy to aid his daughter and donate the $200 needs to take part. but when it turns out not to be all she hope Elaine demands her money back and Ronald Eskew ( owner of the company) is more than happy to refund Elaine the money.  overcome with joy that his daughters had stood up for herself and matured so much Patrick deposits the money in the bank for his daughters college fund. but this joy would not last... Patrick Brogan would never get to see his daughter attend college! Partick is arrested  for depositing counterfeit notes and theft from all the building sites he had robbed to pay for Elaine's tuition and jailed he later commits suicide leaving Elaine on her own. In an attempt to hunt down and punish the man responsible for her fathers death Elaine sets her sights on joining the Secret service. She starts her first step by being accepted to the prestigious  Rhode Island School Of Design and Architecture . when she graduates and  completes all training to be in the secret service she is over joyed and even more over joyed when she is assigned to the counterfeiting department. will she manage to heal her heart and complete her goal or will something closer to home crush her heart further?

I really enjoyed this book. i have to admit  when i read the first few pages and saw murder and sex i wasn't sure this was a book for me but am glad i kept reading. the book is clear to read. there is a lot of tricks and turns, action, romance.. everything. the book isn't long short and sweet.some scenes are heart breaking! and some u want to punch something.

I loved most of the characters.... the ones your supposed to like, Elaine is lovely, i feel sorry for losing her dad, then i was laughing with her, getting angry with her. I am hoping that the relationship between her and nick works out i cant wait to read the next book and see what happens am hoping the accusations against him a false!!

an amazing book i would fully recommend it! 4*

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