Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wrong place Wrong Time
David P. Perlmutter

This was the first book i have read about someones life. I've read some autobiography's but most of them are just celebs moaning that their water was two degrees warmer than what they'd like, this book on the other had was amazing!

The book is the true story of the life of David. at 27 David found himself with a good job in property in the centre of London clinching the sale of his life, he had everything to go with it, the car, the apartment everything, but one night of celebrating his success changed his life forever! on a night out to celebrate his success Dave gets arrested for drunk driving, he later loses his job, apartment and car, he moves back with his parents and spirals in to depression! In an attempt to start a new Dave makes the decision to leave his life in England behind and go to Spain for the summer! Dave leads the ultimate party life meeting new friends, partying and drinking every night and holiday romances, with people more than willing to buy him drinks. But when his savings start to dwindle and employment is  hard to find he finds his life taking another dramatic turn. penniless Dave finds himself on the streets with no money, no food, no belongings and no way of getting home.Then a ray of light appears in front of him by the name of Rosa,  rekindling their romance Rosa takes Dave in and in no time there out to party, but what Dave didn't no was this moment would change his life forever! when the party gets heated between Rosa and her longing friend Dave decides to take a walk. when smoke starts to appear in the distance Dave goes to investigate and is horrified by what he sees! a hotel is ablaze with people still trapped inside.  Dave puts his life on the lining jumping a 7 foot fence and climbing a 30 foot drainpipe to save  a woman from a balcony that would have other wise been killed! with a taste for heroism and alcohol still i his system Dave enters the burning building in an attempt to save lives and once again comes out the building with an elderly man! going for one last look Dave re-enters the building but finds no other people... he does on the other had find two credit cards and some change, in his desperate state he pockets them and leave. once outside he believes he is safe... till police come charging at him, Dave his arrested and taken to the police station and dumped in a cell with nothing but a class of water and an orange to sustain him. but his life is once again about to take a dramatic turn.. when Dave is read his charges not only is he being charged with theft he is being charged with manslaughter and arson! with the help of Paul the journalist Dave is realised on bail. but is Paul really all he claims to be? with Dave planing to run back to England he discovers that Paul has be publishing stories that claim he was responsible for the fire! with 35 miles to the nearest airport and time not on his side will Dave made it back to England with his family or will he be sentenced for a crime he didn't commit?

this book was amazing... i mean truely amazing! i felt very honoured to be allowed to see in to daves life.  throught the book you see his good times and in some places laugh along with him! and in others you feel his unter desperation! i cried so much when reading this book it is emotional. i could not believe that so much bad luck had happened to one man! it made me think a great deal about how once moment.. one stupid little moment can change the course of your whole life!
The story was heart wrenching the way dave is treated by police and all the hard ships he goes through but his parents and families support is heartwarming!
I thought what dave did was amazing he saved two lives that day! two people that when back home to there families because of him!
The book is an amazing read! i was hooked from the first few pages and couldnt stop reading! The writing style is brilliant and i loved it!

i would highly recommend wrong place wrong time! i think dave is an inspirtaion to show that even the very worst situations can have a good outcome and this story is worth being heard! 5*

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  1. Hi Nicola,

    Thank you so much for review and kind words. So pleased you enjoyed the story and its great to see that your heart followed me all the way.

    Thank you again.

    Best wishes

    David P Perlmutter