Monday, 24 September 2012

FEED (newslesh #1)
Mira Grant

I got this book as a birthday present from my brother after i nagged him over and over again to get it.
First i should say i have absolutely no idea what am going to say or how am going to start this review! the book was just that awesome!

Imagine a world where the common cold is a thing of the past, where cancer no longer exists, that is the world Georgia and Shaun mason live in! sounds amazing right? wrong! in this world something more sinister is at play! a virus that once infected with turns humans in to zombies! when the media failed  to report the virus out break and lied and the public ran for safety the only people willing to come out of hiding and dance with the zombies were bloggers, determined to tell the truth and get the word out! Feed follows the lives of Georgia and Shaun mason and there professional team of bloggers.  Georgia and Shaun get the opportunity of a life time when they are accepted  to follow the presidential campaign and report  the truth on all the comings and goings of the possible next president of America. what they didn't realise is the size of the truth they would stumble upon! with corrupt politicians against them and three zombie attacks on there campaign trail  and attempts on their lives the team start to realise this is no coincidence, with people they can trust dwindling and the net closing around them the team most act fast to discover the truth and that truth may just come at a cost!

When i first started this book i found it a little hard to get i to, i was expecting a story where the zombies tried to kill humans and humans desperately fought back or where a girl falls in love with one of the zombies and i was completely wrong! Because the book was the first i have read that is based around politics i found it abit hard to get in to, once i started to get in to the book and the story started moving i was totally hooked! i thought i would miss the fact that the book had no romance in but i didn't! so much happened and it is just non-stop action i didn't have time to miss it! from the first page to the last i was sucked in and felt like i was on this journey with the characters! the writing style was amazing! by the end of this book i was actually hysterically crying! i have only ever cried an p.s i love you and the note book and never have i cried so much i couldn't read the next page! it was so emotional! i was literally heartbroken! i seriously morned!

I feel in love with Shaun within the first few pages when he was poking a zombie with a stick! i seriously made me laugh so much! while people are worrying and being serious he doesn't have a care in the world! he does the most risky and kick ass stuff and is just totally awesome! i think he made the parts of the book that were heavy more light heart! what i loved about Shaun's character is that you see his wild hard side but also his safe side that does not risk the safety of him and his sister and you also see how much he loves is sister and it is nice to see that close connection! at the end of the book you see a destroyed version of Shaun who doesn't want to risk anything, doesn't want to poke zombies with a stick and it's heart breaking!

what can i say about Georgia i just totally loved her! anyone who knows me will tell you she is just my twin sister. she controls everything, has a plan for everything and everything is done her way or no way! i love her no shit attitude and how she never looks pleased to see someone just for there benefit she has the same you rather love me or hate me attitude i have and according to the people in my gym this is a bad thing! hell no! i just love the way she doesn't take no for an answer! she is totally kick ass even when her life is in the balance she has strength and bravery some could only wish for. she hides behind this hard persona but you see the side that does care when you see her relationship with her brother! and i love this contrast!

I can actually not articulate how good this book is! it is just amazing! i was unsure if i would like it at first but i am so glad that i read it and so glad that kayleigh recommended it! note though have tissues ready! lots of them heart wrenching is and understatement!
if you like dystopian or zombie books then this is your calling
one of the best books i have ever read! 5* ammmmmazing!

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