Sunday, 9 September 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman
lily Blake, Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock and Hossein Amini

I read this book simple becuase i went ot the pictures to see the film and loved it so i thought why not (plus there is a poster of Chris Hemsworth in the back... can you really resist that!)

Am sure you all no the story of snow white but this is the bed time story with a kick!
When the king is lead in to battle against a formidable army he is thrown off guard when the opponent shatter in to pieces and are defeatend in momnets, realing in his vicory the king is blind to the dark forces at hand and fails to see it staring hi in the face but the name of Ravenna! descised as a prisoner the king is enchanted but her beauty. Soon after there are due to be married with snow white in  toe Ravenna walks the ailse sealing the kings fate and extracting revenge for her family. that night she kills the king and takes comand of the village unleashing darkness, stravation and war upon its people! but one little princess has a nack for survival. 10 years passed and snow white remained a prisoner in the castle, until the day she escaped! meeting unlikely friends, make extrodanary journeys  will she find her way to the dukes castle and rain war down on the evil queen  or will the queen find her first? can she protect her heart from a queen who wants to steal it or a manwho wishes to own it?

 I really enjoyed this book i loved the movie and this book just explained more of the thoughts and emotions of the character in the book. at the end of the movei i got really irriataed that she didnt end uo with any of the main characters but in the book she describes william as a friends and shows she has feeling for the huntsman. i loved the story line of the book the story kept to the basic concept of the original story but put a modern twist on it!

 The huntsman *sigh* i love the fact i have a picture for this! i loved the huntsman even more in the book than in the film! he is just the cutest! i love the different sides of eric that you see. you see the heart breaking fact he lost his wife to the queen the angrer and grief he goes through  and the amount of drinking he does to numb the pain, you also he a happier side when he falls for snow white he stops drink and turns him self arouns so it was nice to see the contrast between  this heart wrenching side and happier non- vulnrable manly side! i love the way they used the huntsman in this version in the original story her hunts her then reurns to the queen with a pigs heart. in this version he goes on the run with her, teaches her to fight and helps defet the queen and take her right as queen!

I loved snow white in the book. in the original story shes all girly and cant really do a thing for herself but in this book she is kind and all animals and people love her and she is the one to bring down the queen but also he takes no crao and rages a full scale  war on the castle which is kind of kick ass! at the begining of the book you a vulnarbel snow white she has no family and shes lock in a tower where a creepy perv keeps watching her but after her escape you see a more determined and tough side to her which i loved!


I have to say that the quenn was one of my faverite characters! i love the psychologival aaspect to her. she rages war on the king because he killed her family she uses powers of suduction to manipulate men! its just deliciposuly evil! i feel sorry for the queen in a way because she lost her family and i think that is why she starts the war but also i think it is why she keeps snow white alive, she lost her mother also and the queen killed her father. there are times in this book when the queen is hard and you hate her but also times when she is soft and vunaerbale and almost child like!

i thought the action, fantasy  and romance worked really well in this book! one minute it sad then happy then funny then huntsmans style swoonworthy! i really enjoyed it! i would give it 3*

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