Saturday, 1 September 2012

Lust, Money and Murder (#Book 2)
Mike Wells

The second book in the series and  as thrilling and exciting as the first.

Elanie thought she had it all the perfect job, the perfect apartment, friends and now the perfect man but Elaine's world comes crashing down when she receives one simple phone call from a former friend gene Lassiter. Before disaster hits Elaine leaves her perfect life behind to go and work under Lassiter in Washington. Elaine throws herself in her work identifying faults with fake bank notes to create a new computer upgrade to give to banks to help identify fakes. when Gene is to kill to take the trip to Russia to deliver the upgrade Elaine is more than happy to help him. But when Elaine is arrested at the airport and accused of stealing the data stick her life takes an unexpected twist! Elaine finds herself on the run from the US government and the Russian mafia  the only question on her mind is how did could that bastered set her up like this? when on the run Elaine meets and unexpected ally she finds herself in the corrupt world she set out to destroy! will she fight and bring down the men she blames for helping in her fathers death or will she fall victim to the glits and glamour of  criminal life?With no where else to turn can she get herself out of this situation or will she follow in her fathers foot steps?

Just like the first one i really enjoyed this book. i actually thought this book was better than the first one, while the first one builds the story and characters this book kicks of the action. There are alot of twists and turns, alot of tricks and deception and it really keeps you guessing! will she? wont she? There are alot of places where your heart is really in you mouth! you really just don't no whats going to happen in the storyline... and the end!.... keeps you thinking! Just like the first book its beautifully written!

As always i love Elanie... maybe more so in this book. in the first book you saw Elanie finding her feet but in this book you see a different side to her. She is more established, confident and determined in this book and although she still has that vulnerable side that we saw in the first book you also see a harder kick ass side that goes hunting down criminals.

Again i really enjoyed this book  i cant wait to read the 3rd one to see which path she takes because right now it aint looking good and am also dying to see if she gets back with nick from the first book.
but great book well worth the read 4*

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