Thursday, 5 July 2012

Jennifer L. Armentrout

really what can i say about this book! this review is literally just going to be me going omg omg omg! it was amazing! I actually neglected my own fiance to keep reading!

the story picks up where Daimen left off Alex is still greieveing after the loss of her mother and finds herself been hunted down by daimens! all knowledge she calls upon from her time with the covenant seems to be failing her and she finds herself with her back against the wall. when it looks hopeless Alex is saved by Aiden a pure and returned to the covenant! Alex is faced with the shocking reality that after three years away everything has changed and her uncle the dean of the covenant wants to send her to be a servant in her step fathers house. In a desperate attempt to change her future Alex must prove that she is worthy of staying at the covenant and become a sentinel. She begins train with Aiden , not only must she learn to fight but she must learn to fight her feelings about Aiden. As if this wasn't hard enough everything changes and Alex finds herself facing lie , truths and her darkest fears.will she survive her last year at the covenant to become a sentinel or does fate have something else in store?

I absolutely loved this book! i haven't read anything like this so the themes and story lines where really refreshing.  i literally not find one thing i didn't like... well maybe seth! i loved Alex i think she has to be one of my favourite characters ever! i get really irrtataed  by females in books who just complain all the time or have to go running to someone for help and generally just sulk! but Alex is completely different i think i love her so much because she reminds me of me. i love the no rubbish attitude and i was laughing all the way through the book at her witty comments! i generally just loved the fact she was a strong kick-ass girl!
i also loved Aiden ! i seriously don't think you could get a sweeter person i was seriously swoon all the way through the book and i still live in hope that Alex and Aiden will be together even though the breeding law prevents it! i actually can't wait to see how there relationship plays out, am not to comforted about how close seth is to Alex!

I loved how you could never predict was was going to happen next many books I've read you could see for miles what was coming but i found myself going "did that really just happen"!! even though i must admit there was tears at times i got so engrossed!

Again i am starting pure after I've finished writing this i just can't wait i have to no what happens next! i am actually so engrossed! i have totally fallen in love with the characters!  i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this book i would definitely  give it 5 stars!

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