Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jennifer L. Armentrout (covenant # 2)

i seriously don't no how to start this! this book was just .... wow!  Daimen was amazing, Half-blood was even better but Pure was purely amazing...(pardon the pun)

Alex continues with her training  as she comes to terms with her new responsibility as the next Apollyon.  she must learn to deal with the fact she now has a second half and deal with the consequences their connection is having on her relationship with Aiden and pretty much every other person! when her future takes an uncertain    twist she must consider the idea that her connection to Seth may hold some benefits for her race which may mean losing Aiden! she has little time to contemplate this as a daimen invasion on the covenant  means Aiden, Seth and Alex must work together if they all hope to survive!

Aiden has to come first! what can i say about Aiden! i love him i seriously do he is my number one male character i didn't think anyone would beat daemon from Obsidan but he did!! I loved to see his vulnerable side when Alex was under threat or in danger. i actually felt so sorry for him at sometimes and i totally got swept away! there was some points where i really wanted to give him a slap for up setting me but he made it up in the end! i just wanted to hug him all the way through!!

i loved Alex even more in this book! she makes me laugh so much at how mouthy she can be! i think i love her so much because she reminded me of me. once again she kicked ass more than ever. i love the fact this book as a strong non-moaning  female! in some scenes in this book you get to see Alex at a more open emotional state when shes not kicking butt! i think there was many moments that people could really relate to showing that Alex is just as vulnerable has anyone. you also get to see a side of Alex where shes not in control and it does look that no one will be about to help her and you do get an OMG feeling that this may not just work out ok in the end! my heart was in my mouth for most of this book!

i know you see a "nice" side to Seth in Pure but i still don't like him! he actually  makes my stomach churn in a way it does when i don't trust someone! i really don't think he was Alex's interests at heart and i hate the way he wants to keep Aiden away from her. am still undecided whether he really loves her or not! sometimes he is so sweet and lovely and you just want to hug him and others i wanted to punch him in the face and drag Alex away from him! am just suspicious he has a lot to gain from Alex awakening!!!

like of of JLA's books i loved this one it was amazing! i just couldn't put it down! i would actually go as far as to say it is my favourite book series ever!! i think i am getting a little obsessed i got a little to excited that Aiden collected Guitar plexs too!
5 stars without a doubt!!!
buy it seriously!!!!!


  1. No Seth doesn't love her!!!
    I hate him!!!! it's all for his benefit!

    Great review.

  2. i just can't believe she trusts him after she was warned!!