Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey
E. L. James

well..... am actually come up blank on what to write about this book...

Ana is a English literature student who is preparing herself for graduation and the world of employment when she is volunteered by her friend to do an interview with the notorious Mr Grey, one of the rishest  and somewhat  handsome man around. She finds herself head over heels and impossibly affected by  Mr Grey. this new attraction is scary and unexpected and she finds herself following the mysterious Mr grey in to a  dark world she never thought was possible.will she continue to follow the mysterious (and somewhat over baring) Mr  Grey in to the dark or will she break this fatal attraction?

I have to say i wasn't very keen on this book. I was really excited to start this book to see what all the hype was all about. i have to say i was disappointed. i spent most of the time reading horrified! i found that the book had no real story line she meets him and apart from a hell of alot of sex that's about all that happened.  the only think that redeemed this this book was that she finally had the brain to leave him in the end! i thought the writing style was poor i found it really hard to visualize everything and get involved with the characters.

Ana is the most irritating character i have ever met! she is the dictionary definition of the female characters i said i hated the ones that moan and complain and act like damsels in distress! if i have to hear "my inner goddess" one more time..... people said that she was naive, i have to say i disagree i think she is just stupid! i am the same age as ana and if some dude give me a contract like that i don't care how much i like him he would have got a smack in the face and a middle finger!!
Christen was less irritating but still horrid! i don't see the appeal in him i really don't.. being sexually abused and stalked!!... yes that's every girls fantasy! some told me that christen would have me throwing myself at my fiance... well he didn't he made me want to claw my eyes out! what he does just made me feel sick. the only redeeming thing about him is that when hes not being a perv her generally seems to have feelings for ana. also as a psychology graduate i liked to try and play what i know to why he is the way he is.

I actually enjoyed the end of the book. you saw a different side of  christen and i actually started to get caught up in their relationship. i just loved to see the vulnerable non perv side of christen. i thought i was strange that he changed stuff for her so she could have "more" and she leaves him. i was also going finally you do have a brain! i am going to read the rest of the series simply for the glimpse of the sweeter christen at the end.. i really want to know who their relationship ends.

i didn't care much for this book but i will read the rest of the series. i wouldn't say don't buy this book it has a large fan base it just wasn't for me. i am hoping i like fifty shades darker more... the end of this book made me want to read it so fingers crossed. i would give this book 2 stars.

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