Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Vampire Stalker
Allison Van Diepen

If i asked everyone to put their hands up if they had ever been in love with a character out of a novel i think everyone would have their hands up! Amy Hawthrone is no different. After spending hours outside a book store Amy finally gets her hands on the new otherworld book and the newest installment of the story of Alexander Banks a brooding handsome and totally gorgeous vampire hunter hunting the evil vigo.Amy spends the days after finishing the book in a Alexander fueled daydream fantasizing what it would be like to be on otherworld with Alexander and worrying that rumors of his death in the next book could come true. one night Amy steps straight in to a nightmare from the pages of her novels when she is attacked by an unusually strong and unusually fast attacker, luckily for Amy like every nightmare a night in shining armour came to her aid only is time he introduced himself as the one and only Alexander Banks! In an attempt to get rid of the nut Amy  goes along with his story, but if he is indeed Alexander Banks then she may have to accept that something more sinister is going on in Chicago!

I got this book as a present from my brother for Christmas to be honest i think he just saw the word vampire and bought it so i didn't really have high expectations for it. but i have to admit i did really enjoy this book! i found myself engrossed in the idea that a character could come out of a book and just had to keep reading Amy and Alexanders story! i love the way Alexander knows nothing of a technological Chicago i laughed so much at him trying on track suit pans and shoes and the sere pride that he learnt to text.  i love Alexander and not only because he is and awesome hunter and totally swoon worth but because he has that gentleman side its so cute! I also love Amy with some books i get really irritated when the lead females is weak  or stupid or a complete a martyr but Amy wasn't portrayed like that which i like.

I do think there was some bits of the book that were short and i would have liked to have seen that bit developed further. for example when Amy, Alexander and Katy  so to save Amy's sister they seem to just walk straight to her and have no moments when you think OMG! they're  not going to find her on time!
over all i really enjoyed this book good characters good story line and a nice little happy ending!
If i had a rating thingy i would give it 3 stars!

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