Friday, 26 October 2012

Night walker (Night series Book #1)
Lisa Kessler

I just finished reading across the veil when i decided to read this book.  I had high hopes for the book after reading Lisa's other book but this book far exceeded my expectations!!

When calisto's true love  Tala is murdered by the very priest's he serves under he will give anything for another chance to love her again. He lives as a night Walker for centuries and finally there he is in the form of Kate! Calisto is over come with thought of them being together and finally being able to love the woman he loved so many years ago! but does fate have another plan for him? when the past comes back to haunt him will he be able to carve a new path for him and Kate or will history repeat itself?

I absolutely loved this book! it far exceed my expectations! i can not find one fault with this book i loved everything about it. The story-line was amazing there were tricks and turns and surprises! fights, action , romance everything! the writing style is excellent! i loved the characters i just got sucked in to the story and couldn't put the book down!

I loved Calisto! he was so sweet! He loved Tala and Kate so much and was even willing to live for centuries for the chance to love her again! he is the typical swoonworth guy! I love the contrast of emotions he feels for Kate he is over joyed that she is once again on the earth but at the same time filled with sorrow that because of loving him she is once again in danger! When i first started reading this book Calisto was just hell bent on getting Tala back and i felt sorry for Kate because he was seeing her as Tala and i can imagine its kind of like your partner loving you because you look like their ex and not you but by the end i think Tala was somewhat forgotten when he realized he loved Kate for Kate and more than that he loved Kate more as there had more in common. I loved Kate to she is such a strong female character and she made me laugh so much and am so glad there was a happy ending.
In contrast i hated Jose, he was evil! Quite possibly the most evil man i have ever read about! disgusting evil individual is all i can say about him.

I absolutely loved this book! it was amazing i loved everything about it! i would definitely recommend it!


  1. Great review! Going check this out!

  2. Thank so much for reviewing Night Walker Nicola!!!

    I'm glad you enjoyed the book!

    Lisa :)

  3. Its an amazing book Crystal i hope you like it =)