Monday, 15 October 2012

Across the Veil
Lisa kessler

I started this book last night simply for the fact i was bored and i had just finished another book, i was flicking through my kindle trying to find something to read and came across this book. It was a nice short story so  i decided to read it... i am so glad i did!!

Princess Talia is from  Summerland a world of magic and fantasy, she left this perfect world and crossed   the veil in the human world. Talia has been hiding on earth for the past five years. why is she hiding you ask? she is betrothed to the evil  Faldo and in love with his brother keth! when Keth and Talia are found together by his brother he could declare braitheann si, this could lead to being cast out or worse! when keth breaks her heart to save her Talia crosses the veil to start a new life. now named Natalie Thurmont and the star of a hit TV show she thinks her old life is behind her but her past comes back to haunt her! 

I really enjoyed this book i didn't no what to expect when i started it but i love it! there was action romance magic! i loved that the two character i loved got to be together in the end! i have read so many books lately where a couple are in love but she is betrothed to his brother!
I would really recommend this book the story is amazing, you will love the characters and it has everything you could want in a book!
loved it! i want to bug the author to write more because i want to no what happens next!!!

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  1. SO glad you enjoyed the story Nicola!!!

    THanks for taking the time to review it too...

    I hope you'll check out Night Walker and Night Thief... :)


  2. i started night walker tonight so for am really enjoying it!! and meet a tall dark and handsome stranger lol