Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hey everyone!! its a lovely cosy Sunday night what is everyone reading???  I've barley has time to read this week so i picked up were i left off reading The forest of hands and teeth by Carrie  Ryan!

I am on page 181 of 308 and  aim to get to 208 of 308 by the end of tonight. I have to say so far that i am loving it!  I think it captures the two sides of love really well! it shows how love is a beautiful thing and marrying for any other reason is  pointless beyond survival!  it demonstrates how being in love can be the greatest thing on the earth, it can be a great gift. it can give you something to fight for, to die for, to cry for. to have someone to be there for you, to hug you,someone to witness and share your life and give you hope for the future. i think the story shows how we take love for granted some times and what a world where it is in short supply is like. i think it also demonstrates how love can be evil! i think the story shows how love can be fueled by jealousy and desire, can cause people to lie to the ones they love, can  make people step on people, hurt people  and do dramatic things for love. i like this contrast the fight for forbidden love and the lies and deceit fueled by love.
there is my little rant about love for the day! my opinion...... i sit on the fence! there will be romantics among you  (kayleigh) who believe that in this book and in life that the to perfect for each other characters should be together and there are the unromantic who believe that love is an evil thing if it causes characters to lie and deceive others even if in a round about way it is to protect them.
i would recommend this book if you love zombies, romance and action!!

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