Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mine completely ( The Billionaire's Obsession Valentines day Romance)
Published: January 15th 2013 by Scott Publishing
Format: Kindle
Pages: 68

Author Note: This book is a short story add-on which is part of The Billionaire's Obsession Trilogy. If you chose to read this book without first reading The Billionaire's Obsession trilogy, you probably won't understand the references to previous events or the characters' personalities. It is recommended that you read Kara and Simon's story before reading this book.

This was a nice ending to the series and tied up all the ends and left it open for Maddie and Sam's story.

Kara and Simon have now been together for a year and are a month away from getting married when Kara starts to act strangely Simon is frantic to find out whats wrong! he is over joyed when he finds out Kara is pregnant! There relationship is stronger than ever but it is the other Hudson brother how is trying to win his girls heart, but will he succeed?

I like this book it was a nice ending to Kara and Simon's story. I enjoyed the fact that Kara accepted his money and their relationship in this book  and Simon his more easy going. I liked that you got to see Kara as a qualified nurse. I was so happy when i found out that Kara was pregnant! after what the couple have been through they deserved a happy ending. you could still see elements of their old ways of Kara not wanting Simon's money and Simon being an over baring fool but it was nice to see that the author wasn't trying to make there relationship seem perfect, it felt very down to earth am more real than the other books. I thought it was a good cross over that you saw Simon getting his happy ending but Sam just trying to get his.

A Lovely end 

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