Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Deep Black (Nick Stone # 7)
Andy McNab
Published: September 1st 2011 by Corgi (first published November 1st 2004)

Goodreads: Nick Stone's future looks bleak. The only person he's ever loved is dead. The only people who might save him have turned their backs.
Until a chance encounter reunited him with a man whose life he saved ten years ago.What seems a simple quest in Baghdad takes Stone into the heart of a chilling conspiracy, from violent Bosnia, through lightening-paced action in Iraq. But too late, he realizes that he is being used as bait to lure into the open a man he believes can offer some salvation. A man whom the darker forces of the West will stop at nothing to destroy...

Nick Stone  is coming to terms with the death of Kelly and event that brought him face to face with another dead girl who haunts him. To make matters worse circumstances bring him face to face with a man he saved 10 years ago in the same place the young girl died.  All his old friend wants is to get one last photo and for Stone to go with him to protect him. The photo he wants? The man Stone saw in the same place Zina was killed! His interested is spiked and he wants answers! But when disaster starts to occur everywhere Stone goes he questions what he is going. Things only get worse when he finds out hes been set up by the one man he hates. Will Stone get out of this alive or now he has quit the firm is this is final good bye?

Its been a while since i read an Andy McNab book. As much as i love the books i found reading 6 back to back was starting to get boring as all the books have a similar layout.  So i put this book down in July and picked it back up this month and i have to stay am glad i did because i enjoyed them again am going straight in to reading the next one. As always McNab has wrote an action packed adventure where you will constantly be guessing  constantly on edge waiting for the next thing to happen. That is one thing i like about this book is you have the same feeling as the character knowing you have nothing, no matter where you go the enemy will find you and you have know idea when they are coming and you have no resources to help! The one thing i really liked about this book as Stone was on his own, he has traveled with Jerry on his own not with the firm. He has know weapons or gadgets and no funding or resources, i liked that he has to think on this feet and make the most of what he can get around him. I was gripped by this book from the beginning to end, With McNab's books you always know a twist is coming. In this book i was sat going its him it has to be hes the bad one, nope i was wrong! an adrenaline action filled adventure!

 I liked Stone in this book, you saw a more vulnerable side after Kelly died and actually see him having to come to terms with her death and also come to terms with some of his past that is haunting him. I thought Stone was more macho in this book as he was on his own and had to make his own decisions and make his own way it wasn't just a mission.

An amazing action packed thriller! 

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